Class 3 - Mr Weighman's Class

Our Summer Term 2 whole school topic is 'The Wild West'. We are learning about diary writing and play scripts in English, learning about 'Forces' and 'Animals and their habitats' in Science and in Maths we are learning about 'Fractions, Decimals and Percentages' - Year Six will also be learning about calculating using ratio.

P.E. takes place on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons so please ensure kits are in school all week. (Swimming is finished for this year)

Spellings are sent out on Friday and tested on the following Friday.

Homework books are also sent out on Friday and need to be returned before the following Thursday for homework to be seen.

Please sign our guestbook and let us know if you see or read anything that you enjoy, we love reading the comments!

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Sophie Murray(about a month ago)

i love class three it is so fun we also have a funny teacher.but the other are not as good as Mr weighman HA HA.

Connor(about a month ago)

Number 5 is Layton 18 is Connor 13 is Rio 4 is Freay 9 is Max 6 is mis.dreaves 12 is Oliver 1 is Jacob 15 is Elle16 is Lilly 2 is Ryan10 is Ruby 14 is Mr.Weiman 17 is Aaron 19 is Abigail 3 is Clayton 11 is Rhys 7 is Jessie 8 is Katie

Ryan(about a month ago)

1jacob 2ryan 3clayton 4freya 5layton 6mrsd 7elle 8katie 9max 10ruby 11rhys 12oliver 13rio 14mr.w 15jessie 16lily 17aaron 18connor 19abigail

Max(about a month ago)

1Jacob 2 Ryan 3 Clayton 4 Freya 5 Layton 6 Mrs Dreaves 7 Elle 8 Katie 9 max 10 Ruby 11 Rhys 12 Oliver 13 Rio 14 mr weighman 15 Jessie 16 Lottie 17 Aaron 18 Connor 19 Abigail

Lily(about a month ago)

1.Jacob 2.Rio 3.Clayton 4.Freya 5.Layton 6.Mrs D 7.Elle 8.Katie 9.Max 10.Ruby 11.Rhys 12.Oliver 13.Connor 14.Mr W 15.Jessie 16.Lily 17.Aaron 18.Ryan 19.Abigail

Elle(about a month ago)

1 Jacob 2 Ryan 3 Clayton 4 Freya 5 Layton 6 Mrs d 7 elle 8 katie 9 max 10 ruby 11 Rhys 12 Oliver 13 Oliver 14 mr w 15 Jessie 16 Lily 17 Aaron 18 Rio 19 Abigail

Layton(about a month ago)

Number 1 is jacob number 6 is mrs d number 5 is me number 12 is Oliver number 18 is corner number 13 is Rio number 17 is Aaron number 3 is Clayton number 14 is mr w number 8 is Katie number 7 is Elle number 11 is Rhys number 2 is Ryan number 10 is ruby number 19 is Abigail Number 16is lily number

Oliver(about a month ago)

1 is Jacob 2 Ryan 3 Clayton 4 Freya 5 Layton 6 Mrs dreaves 7 Elle 8 is Katie 9 max 10 ruby 11 is Ryan 12 is Oliver rio 14 is mr weighman 15, is Jessie 16 is Lilly 17 is Aaron 19 is Abigail

Rio(about a month ago)

1 is jacob 2 is Ryan 3 is Clayton 4 is Freya 5 is Layton 6 is mrs dreaves 7 Is Elle 8 is Katie 9 is max 10 is Ruby 11 is Rhys 12 is Oliver 13 is me 14 is mr weighman 15 is Elle 16 is lily 17 is Aaron 18 is Connor 19 is Abigail

Clayton(about a month ago)

Number 14 is mr weighman, number 17 is Aaron, number 13 is rio, number 5 is Layton, number 8 is Jessie, number 3 is me , number 18 is Conner, number 15 is Jessie, number 12 is Oliver, number 2 is Ryan, Number 8 is Katie, number 6 is Mrs dreaves , number 7 is Elle, number 10 is ruby , number 11 is Rhys , number 9 is max

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Wild West Puppet Shows

To finish off our Wild West whole school topic we wrote play scripts and created our own characters and setting props.

Have a look at a selection below.

Wassily Kandinsky

We looked at Kandinsky's abstract art pieces this week. Here are a few of our own interpretations.

Transition Days

Our future Year Four children joined us in Class Three this week to find out what it will be like in September.

We made some skeleton rib cage models and some 3D teeth ready for our 'Beautiful Bodies' topic next year!

Can you guess who is who?

Leave a comment in the guestbook with your guesses!

KS2 After School Club

WE WON! Our year sixes won the North Yorkshire Sumdog Competition - answering an average of 884 out of 1000 questions correctly! Year four and five achieved a Daily Winner award. Also for the first time we had two top ten students! Check out our certificates below!

Elm Ridge Methodist Church Trip

We had a lovely trip to Elm Ridge Methodist Church in Darlington as part of our 'Special Places' R.E. topic. It was extremely interesting to find out that it started out as a house and the story of how it became a church.



A horrible bunch of Vikings invaded Barton School armed with personally designed shields and helmets! They played Viking board games, baked Viking food, fought each other and wrote about fierce battles.

We have read, watched and listened to lots of different Viking sagas this half-term and this week we drafted some sagas of our own.  

"Biorn drew his mighty sword and charged. At first the monster did nothing. It just stared at the Viking gormlessly. But as Biorn ran at it, about to strike it with his sword, it stood up and stomped a giant foot sending Biorn flying!" Lydia 

 "Biorn draws his sword and bangs it against his battle-worn shield. Subsequently, the thundering clamour grabs the monster's attention and he lets out a deafening roar. Biorn – who has a short temper – stares at the town that is now set ablaze." Diana 

 "Long stairs wind themselves around Valhalla. Cool carvings and nightmarish symbols on an immense fiery palace. Scorching flames licking the walls. This is Biorn's version of paradise! Biorn set out on his worthy quest to find a valiant death." Joe 

You can read some more of our Sagas here:




You can re-watch some of the videos we used in class by clicking on these links:

Loki's Sagas

The Saga of Biorn

We LOVED our 'Space' topic! To enter our Astronaut Testing Area click here

Something is Odd In Class Three.....

Check out our artwork and short story introductions inspired by the first page of Shaun Tan's 'The Odd Thing'.

We read 'Wolf' by Gillian Cross as our class reader to go with our Traditional Tales writing topic. Here are our first drafts of descriptions of Goldie's house from the first time Cassy visits. Our writing focus was on creating an atmosphere to entice the reader. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment in our guestbook!

Here are our descriptions of the 'mysterious man' that Cassy meets at Goldie's House. We were focusing on using precise phrases to aid and develop his personality through our narratives.

What was life like in 1455?

We have been using our investigation and research skills to find out differences in lifestyles of the rich and the poor

around the time of the War of the Roses.

We're hatching a plan...!

We like to carefully plan, edit and re-draft our writing to make it precise and so we can get it to be just how we like it!

We programmed our own Scratch games in Computing.

Why not ride 'Santa's Sleigh' by Jacoub? Have a 'Tour of the School' by Lottie or solve Joe's tricky maze puzzle?

You can play Sumdog at home on most tablets and computers

(it's free to download and play!)

The school code is: bartoncofe 

Please see Mr Weighman if you've lost your login or can't get it to work!

In March we finished in second place overall out of the whole county!

We were the top scorers on two days!
We were the top scorers on two days!

We came 2nd!
We came 2nd!

Abigail and Diana made it into the top 30!
Abigail and Diana made it into the top 30!

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